3 TikTok Stars Advocating for Body Positivity

3 TikTok Stars Advocating for Body Positivity

We’ve all had that “woah… how long have I been scrolling?” panic thought before. TikTok has the ability to reel you in, literally. Why? TikTok shows you 15-60 second videos of curated content on what they call the For You Page. You can set up a profile just like an Instagram and Facebook account, and post your own videos using trending hashtags and sounds.

With the rise of a new platform comes the rise of new influencers. It’s hard not to scroll for 2 minutes without seeing a dude with a 6-pack or a skinny girl in a bikini with cleavage doing a dance - which can be hard for someone who is struggling with body confidence to see on a regular basis.

Here are 4 TikTok stars that are the new face of body positivity that you should definitely be following:

Victoria Garrick (@victoriagarrick4)

For all my athletes out there, Victoria Garrick has blown up in the last 2 years on social media. Her social platforms on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are focused around mental health, body-image, and her authenticity movement #RealPost, which promotes unedited pictures. She has a combined following of over 1.4 million supporters across all platforms, 800,000 of them being on TikTok.

Garrick played D1 volleyball at USC for 4 years where she quickly slipped into a depression with no resources available. Victoria now tours the country as a public speaker, sharing her experiences with mental health and body-image issues at universities, college campuses, high schools, and conferences alike.

Her TikTok’s include debunking 
skinny girl methods and accepting that you are beautiful in your body.

Brooklynne Webb (@Xobrooklynne)

Brooklyne is a 16-year-old body-positive TikToker who’s main message is everyone should be able to wear a crop top no matter what your body looks like. She was sick of seeing only flat tummies get praised for their dance moves and thought there has to be other girls like me who want to be able to dance on TikTok, but don’t have the confidence to do so.

With over 5.6 million followers on the app, Brooklynne started a new body-positive trend on her page. Recently, her most popular videos have been hate comment responses, where a comment like “You shouldn’t be wearing a crop top” is displayed on the screen, along with Brooklynne happily dancing while wearing a crop top. Love it. 

Brittani Lancaster (@brittanilancaster)

Brittani Lancaster is a warrior that has survived two eating disorders and is now on a mission to promote balanced and healthy living to all her supporters.

Brittani posts body-positive TikToks to over 930k followers and has coined the message of “My Body Is Wonderfully Made”. Her goal is to reach people recovering from disordered eating and anyone who is struggling to learn how to love their body. 

Brittani is personable and relatable. She takes a more comedic approach leaving you with a smile on your face after you watch a few videos. She knows when to be silly and when to be real or serious. She posts TikTok’s of what a full day of eating looks like while in recovery, which shows nutritious and delicious balanced meals. She is a true inspiration to follow along.


Do you follow an authentic influencer who makes you feel good about yourself, and inspires you to respect your body? If so, share their profile to Love, Lexxi on Instagram - we’d love to support them!

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