How To Properly Hook Your Bra: Behind? Forward? We’ll Break It Down…

How To Properly Hook Your Bra: Behind? Forward? We’ll Break It Down…

Before we break it all down, there is no right or wrong way to put on your bra. You can do whatever makes you feel comfortable. BUT - you might be damaging the fabric, stretching out the band, and overall putting wear and tear on your favorite bra that is unnecessary. 

We want you to get those most out of your Love, Lexxi bras. Because they deserve love, and you deserve to have them for the long-haul. 

PSA: A new bra should be worn on the loosest hook. As time goes on, your band might naturally stretch out. This is a good time to move to the middle or tightest hook. A good rule of thumb for a perfect band size is being able to slip two fingers underneath the band easily. 

What we recommend:

Step 1: Put your arms through the straps. 

Step 2: Place the bra on your breasts, reach around the back and clasp the band together. 

We know many women don’t put their bra on this way. It’s a difficult motion for some, and hooking those clasps together blindly can get frustrating QUICK

Need some tips on how to do this? 

Start by using your bathroom mirror to help you get the motion down. Try clasping the top hook first and then moving to the middle and then bottom. Once you’ve got this routine down, it should come naturally, without having to look. 

Take care of your bra and your bra will take care of you

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